Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sold the Farm

After 45 years, my in-laws decided it was time to downsize. All of the kids are settled and are where they want to be so the house won't be staying in the family. They had a list of people, who through the years had told them.."if you ever decide to sell, let us know".  The list started with the family of the original owners.  Unfortunately they had moved to several different states and nobody was willing to move back to Yakima.  The second family on their list was just in the financing stages of building a new home.  Perfect timing!  So they have changed their plans and are purchasing this 1908 farmhouse.
The last month has been spent clearing out 3 barns, several outbuildings and the attic of the house.  Now I love my in laws to pieces, but have discovered they're H O A R D E R S!  Not the scary dead animal kind, but very organized and calculated!  How could I have missed this?  I've been part of this family for over 30 years and never realized that every nook and cranny is packed to the gills.
So this weekend we're having the...

9/17/10 & 9/18/10
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
7704 Mieras Road

Please park in the pasture.

Hope to see you there!



How in the hell did I miss this????
Sure it was great! Hope rain didn't damper sales!

Karen said...

That would have been sooooo much fun! Bet you had a blast! Bet you also brought some home to hoard lol.

Unknown said...

Went to the farm sale...found some great stuff, for moi and friends!!! Met your daughter...what a beautiful her mom...hope the next owners love the place as your in-laws have. Thanks for putting it on your blog.