Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Will there be good stuff?

Whew Hew...just received word that we're getting 3 more boxes of McCoy pottery. The last 3 boxes contained over 30 pieces, mostly vases and in mint condition! Years ago she collected McCoy when collecting McCoy was not 'in'. All of it has been neatly packed and stored away for about 20 years and she has slowly been letting it go..TO US! We'll post pic's when we unpack!
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Expo, Portland OR

Off to Portland 3/1/08. Only kim and her hubby went to the show and he was a very good sport too. As long as i kept him fed and a Bud Light now and then he didn't complain once! Forgot to take the camera to the show (or did i just forget about in the mad frenzy?!) so was unable to take photo's of some of our favorite vendors and also some new ones that appeared this spring. But i did find treasures...hmmm, seems i can find treasures where-ever i go. Found old wicker, silver, paper, tin and just some funky cool stuff. Now we have to decide what to keep for the shop and segregate for the shows that we'll be in. Anyway, wanted to share some photo's of our cool stuff.
See you soon.