Monday, November 10, 2008

A Christmas Soiree

We pulled it off once again...

we were closed for 2 days

this year as we felt more time

would leave happy faces

on our faces! The final 5

hours and we were working
like robots...making funny noises, grunting and groaning because our backs and hips had really been put to the test. We completely changed every display and moved every peice of furniture along with bringing in new pieces. Many thanks go out to our niece/daughter Wendy for being such a trooper, she just came in and basically read our minds, removed fall displays outside, planted trees in the urns, brought us coffee, etc., etc., etc. and even worked Friday night! Thank you again Wendy!
Saturday was our big bash to start off the holiday season and it was a smashing success! Our heartfelt thanks go out to our loyal customers as the general consensus was that they would rather support small local business rather than the big box stores! How great is that!
Here are a few pic's that i snapped just prior
to opening.

Happy holidays to all and may your shopping experiences always be inspiring!
Kim, Claudette and Denise.