Saturday, October 9, 2010

Windmill Salvage - The Removal

The Hookup...

As in any business, you must have 'The Professional' aka 'The Cowboy' aka my husband do the dirty work.

Besides the obvious (like a paycheck) there are benefits when you work for a sign company...having access to boom trucks and the little bucket trucks are great for hanging Christmas lights!  Also, my husband was a former sign man and knows how to operate the crane.



I don't have pic's of the rest of the day, but they would have included loading this beauty on the heavy equipment trailer, blocking it, and securing it for the 40 mile trip to the Ponderosa.  Sounds easy enough except for the fact that the trailer is designed to carry heavy 10 that means the windmill is like a scrawny little Popsicle stick structure.
I followed The Cowboy in his dump truck and trailer, to monitor the safety (doesn't every job need a supervisor?) and make sure everything was staying secure.  We did have to make 3 stops, thank goodness for cell phones, to re-secure and stabilize along the way.  A trip that normally takes about an hour took almost 2 hours.  But I'm happy to report we made it to the Ponderosa, everything intact.
This is The Ponderosa (very old picture), where the little windmill will make her new home.  I'll be taking pictures tomorrow of the Ponderosa, so I can post a few later.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clayson Farm October 16

Be sure to visit Leslee as she always has wonderful goodies to decorate for Fall (and Clayson is a wonderful helper, hauling treasures out for you!)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Windmill Rescue

Dump Truck and heavy equipment trailer...check.
Boom Truck...check.
We're off this morning to disassemble the antique windmill from my in-laws farm.  The future owners of their farm had no interest in the windmill that my father-in-law hauled back from North Dakota.  Being the junk lover that I am I could not let this piece of history possibly end up at the salvage yard or worse!  Nobody else wanted it until I asked for it!  You know what they say about the early bird.