Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yakima Valley Wine

Our good friend Sarah Fewell was kind enough to feature a wine tasting at our little soiree...and i must say that their wine is superb!   The icing on the cake.  She also volunteered to take photo's since that detail was missed (must be side effects from the swine flu!).  She'll drop by a CD for us to post soon!  The next time your in the area, Sarah and Tad's winery is a MUST stop & sip destination!  Here is their blog .
Again, as i've said more than once, we love our customers and feel priviledged to be able to call them our friends...without you, all of the big 'to do' wouldn't be worth it!

This is a little teaser for what's in store for 2010.......a 'Relic' of a barn.


Cultura Wine said...

Hi there girls~ What a wonderful evening it was! Thank you all again! What beautiful,glittery and fun things that you all have. So inspiring for the Holidays!

yuki said...

The barn looks great! Awesome.

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Unknown said...

That must be so exciting and fun tasting wine.

Digital camcorders said...

Great barn!!! I happen to live in an old 1700's barn and look at them is a totally different way.
The capers of the vintage vixens