Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ahtumn Bounty

I believe we feel off the face of the earth...but no worries we're back at it and going strong. Lots of projects in the works for the holidays, many long hours and sleepless nights. Ordering, planning, creating, updating, and on and on and on!

In our shop, we like to give inspiration by using materials that are readily found at farmers markets, fruit stands, along the road, from your yard and even the hubby's scrap pile. My friend Lynette (garden girl) made the wire nest from old baling wire, layered some moss in the bottom, cut several branches from white Birch tree and then put my fairy tail and heirloom squash in..Waa Laa..instant center piece for any island, table, outdoor bench, whatever your little hearts desire!
Wait till you see the hops..they only cost a case of beer (Busch, not the good stuff!)

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