Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chehalis Road Trip

Another dreary (rainy) morning as sis and i are on the way to 'an antique sale' in Chehalis WA. We've timed the trip before and it takes 2 hours and 45 minutes with 2 pit stops (1 potty-1coffee). Arrived at the show about 10 minutes before it opened and visited with other excited shoppers. 20 minutes later we had gone through the show twice and left empty handed...we couldn't believe we bought zip!! So we headed off the Centrailia to see what we could find.

We drove through the country-side and saw a sign that advertised 'miniature cows' so we quickly deduced that must be where 'petite sirloin' comes from, and we laughed....until we came across some mini-houses - no kidding! and people lived in them, we could see couches and TV's through their open front doors, and we laughed... Stopped by a yard sale and the following greeted us:

He was no mini, but really wanted his pic taken! We were trying to decide if he was a horse or a mule. Mule!
Hope all had a terrific mothers day!
Kim & Claudette

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