Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Last night was a work night and my poor sis, aka 'the tool virgin' was attempting to get screwed. Let me explain...Claudette is 5' tall and probably weighs in at 100 lbs. (wet), needless to say, she's kinda whimpy when it comes to doing physical work. Most of the time she's not allowed to use power tools because she's also a Klutz! She's like the little kid that say's look mom-no hands and then proceeds to crash because she wasn't looking where she was going. That would be my sister! So last night, she really, really wanted to use the battery drill and needed a little instruction. About 45 minutes later she figured out how to change the drill the process of bending over the bench (don't know why) she layed on the paint can lid, messy side up, in her pretty navy blue sweatshirt! All in all she did awesome job...drilled, screwed & routed!

This is a picture of a settee that we finished and is at the shop. hard to tell but, is has a gold silk-tone-on-tone stripe fabric. With this piece, we used a gold glaze...turned out pretty cute. Those fabric tacks were a pain!

This is another finished project at the shop. Hard to tell but the fabric is awesome!

WHAT ARE THESE? 3 different sizes, small opening on one end, no screw threads though and a small finial on the other. I love find wierd stuff!

What do You think?

Wow...this picture does not even do any justice to the bright flourescent green of this pew! This is definately a 'before' photo. Will show you the completed project....and it won't be white!


A Wild Thing said...

This is my mantra the tool virgin. Isn't it wonderful to be a creative woman in these times. Work on sister!!!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Hi you guys! Found your blog at Barn House. Hope to see you soon and want to keep in touch! Martha, Vintage Trifles

Molly Mo's said...

I just discovered your blog and would love to visit your shop!

I'm going to Farm Chicks with Martha (Vintage Trifles) how far out of the way is Yakima and will your shop be open? It was so good to see you girls at our Christmas sale in Nov.

We'll see ya at Farm Chicks - can't wait!
Diane (Molly Mo's)

Barn House said...

Hey Kim and Denise!!! Thanks for the message on our blog! We really appreciate the support and can't wait to see you at our opening. :o) Willow Nest inspired us so much we are venturing out on our that Linda, Ludmil abandoned us for TX (and having a wonderful time there, I might add). We miss them terribly. But, the show must go on!! Not sure if you are traveling for shows this year, but we would love for you to consider doing our Flea Market...or at least coming down to shop and play at the "After-Party"!

J & J

Stokes and Company said...

I want to see more photos of your shop! It looks wonderful.